Stir Fry Herb Mix

Quick & Delicious 

How would you enjoy the best stir fried dinner in no time?

In a wok add some oil, rice, chicken breast cubes and 2-3 stir fry herb mix, and… enjoy!


Great in the Asian Kitchen 

  • A great addition to anything being stir fried in your wok…
  • Add to the soy and honey sauce you pour on your about-to-be baked chicken.
  • Upgrade a plain bowl of rice to a delicious side dish.



  • It is said that the phoenix is responsible for introducing salt to China.
  • The first food offered by a bride to her husband is rice.
  • It's said that cooked rice should be like brothers: the grains should be close but not stuck together.


Health Facts 

  • Asian food is often cooked in a wok at high temperatures, sealing in all proteins and vitamins.
  • Asian diet is characteristically low in both saturated and total fat.
  • In traditional Asian diets, plant food contributes the core of the daily intake, while food from animals is more peripheral. 


Dorot's Stir Fry Herb Mix 

Dorot's Stir Fry Herbs are picked and chopped while still fresh, so that you may find the mix, fresh and tasty, in the leading marketing chains' freezers. Like all Dorot products, the Stir Fry Herb Mix tray gives you simply the best of all worlds: excellent flavor together with top availability, convenience and efficiency. Just pop it out and enjoy the taste…

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