Tex - Mex Herb Mix

Quick & Delicious 

How would you enjoy the best salsa sauce in no time? 

Mix 3 crushed tomatoes, half an onion (chopped), 2 tbls olive oil, 3 Tex-Mex cubes, 2 coriander cubes, 1 garlic cube and… enjoy! 


Great in the Mexican Kitchen 

  • Makes it so easy to season your delicious Chilli con Carne!
  • Upgrades many meat and beans casseroles.
  • Helps creating that unique Mexican taste and aroma…



  • Food historians say TexMex cuisine originated hundreds of years ago when Spanish/Mexican recipes combined with Anglo fare  
  • Tex-Mex is a combination of the words "Texan" and "Mexican," that refers to an adaptation of Mexican dishes by Texas cooks.
  • When the term was first coined, Texas-Mexican restaurant owners considered it an insult.


Health Facts 

  • Mexican cuisine uses very simple, basic ingredients, and is very rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals.
  • A new study shows that the right Mexican food might actually prevent cancer.


Dorot's Tex-Mex Herb Mix 

Dorot's Tex-Mex Herbs are picked and chopped while still fresh, so that you may find the mix, fresh and tasty, in the leading marketing chains' freezers. Like all Dorot products, the Tex-Mex Herb Mix tray gives you simply the best of all worlds: excellent flavor together with top availability, convenience and efficiency. Just pop it out and enjoy the taste…

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