Chopped Basil Tray

Quick & Delicious 

How would you enjoy the best pasta in no time?

In a pan, mix half a cup olive oil with 2 garlic cubes, 2 basil cubes, 1 parsley cube, salt and pepper – pour on cooked pasta and… enjoy!


Basil – is its taste better than its beauty, or vice versa? No one can decide… But one thing is definite: in your garden it can spread and become a big and impressive bush with small purple flowers and an amazing aroma. And in the kitchen – basil is simply the king of herbs! You can add it to almost anything you're cooking: soups, fish, casseroles, pasta and even excellent basil ice cream!


Great in the Kitchen 

  • First and foremost, of course, pesto sauce!
  • Anything that goes into the oven – chicken, meat, fish, or vegetables – has a lot to gain from some basil.
  • Any casserole dish, simmering slowly, will get an aromatic delicious flavor with an addition of basil…



  • In India, basil is sacred, and will grant you entrance to heaven if you're buried with it…
  • People in ancient Rome believed that eating basil will protect them from the dragon Bazilik, which basil is named after.
  • In Italy, basil is a symbol of love…


Health Facts 

  • A cup of tea with basil after a big meal will help the digestion process.
  • Same cup at the end of a stressful day will help you wind down and relax.
  • An extract of basil with ginger and honey will ease the respiratory system's function.


Dorot's Basil 

Dorot's basil is picked and chopped while still fresh, so that you may find it, fresh and tasty, in the leading marketing chains' freezers. Like all Dorot products, the basil tray gives you simply the best of all worlds: excellent flavor together with top availability, convenience and efficiency. Just pop it out and enjoy the taste…


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