Simply the best

It's so delicious, simply because it's fresh
So simple, so natural, so tasty…

All Dorot products are chopped and frozen while still fresh and juicy, thus keeping their natural odor and taste.

Fresh and Healthy
No preservatives
No cholesterol
No trans fat acids
No food coloring
Adheres to all significant food standards – ISO 9001-2000, BRC & ISO 22000

Fresh and Available
Long Shelf Life – stays fresh up to 24 months in any home freezer.
Exactly the right amount – no need to buy a whole herb wreath for a few leaves.
Always available – summer, winter, fall or spring.
Immediate – enabling spontaneous cooking, without pre-planning and shopping lists.
All products are available at all Kosher levels.
Fresh and Easy to Use

Just pop out a cube – and return the tray to the freezer.
Measured amount – so you know exactly how much you've used.
Easy to store – packages can be piled up, even in freezer door.

Fresh and Effective

Nothing to cut, chop or crush.
Hands stay clean of odors.
Kitchen stays nice and tidy


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